The Maternal and Infant Assessment for Breastfeeding and Human Lactation Course (MINA) is now being offered online for your convenience!

The course utilizes a case study format to develop proficiency in the process of assessment and analysis of the breastfeeding dyad, and to differentiate optimal conditions from those that are sub-optimal, as well as summarize and document the assessment. Major topics covered in the course are optimal and sub-optimal breastfeeding-related anatomy of mother and infant, normal and abnormal development of the anatomy and physiology of the breastfeeding mother and baby, breastfeeding assessment tools, breastfeeding assessment and the lexicon of breastfeeding and human lactation.

The Maternal Infant Assessment course fills a prerequisite for the Advanced Issues in Lactation Practice course, which prepares professionals for the Advanced Lactation Consultant or Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant certification, accredited by ALPP.

RNs: 31.25; RDs: 31.25; IBCLCs: 31.25L CERPs; College Credit Recommendations: 2 credits. Can be used towards CLC recertification.

The online MINA is a self-paced online course presented in the same engaging and energetic format as the online LCTC through videos and self-check questions. The course should take approximately 31.25 hours to complete (just like the in-person version), and participants have up to 3 months to complete it. Participants can stop and start throughout the course.

Office Hours
Faculty are holding a once-weekly virtual office hours to answer additional questions for online participants. Participants can email questions in advance or ask questions during the office hours in the chat feature of the program. In the absence of in-person learning, this feature replicates the value of hearing others’ questions. Each office hour section is logged and labeled by topic so that students can revisit and review the questions at their convenience.

Technical Requirements
You will need a recent laptop or desktop computer running Windows 10, Linux or Mac OS. This course requires the use of a web browser. Only the current versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge/Edge Chromium are supported. This course requires 5Mbps or more of internet download speed for videos and course resources to operate properly. You will also need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open PDF files.

Click here for required textbooks.