Through our sister company,  Health Education Associates, Healthy Children Project offers superb online continuing education options for registered nurses, lactation consultants, lactation counselors, and dietitians so you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

The modules examine subjects within the framework of breastfeeding research and clinical practice, including the link between breastfeeding and reduction of diabetes, breastfeeding and IQ, donor milk and concerns about infant formula. Available selections include topics such as Ethics, International Policies and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, Best Practices in Hospital Settings, and many more.

The following self-study modules are available as a collection or separately:

  • The Association Between Breastfeeding, Higher IQ, and Better Visual Functioning
  • The Role of Donor Milk in the Reduction of Infant Mortality and Morbidity: A Child Survival Issue
  • Breastmilk and Diabetes: Understanding the Connection
  • Concerns About Infant Formula
  • The Economic Benefits of Breastfeeding

19 Contact Hours for RNs, 19 contact hours for CLCs and 19.0L CERPs for IBCLCs.  

Additional modules include:

  • International Policies and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI)
  • Continuity of Care in Breastfeeding
  • Curriculum in Support of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding
  • The Politics of Breastfeeding

Healthy Children Project also offers a line of educational DVDs for continuing education credit, including:

  • Latch 1,2,3: Troubleshooting Breastfeeding in the Early Weeks
  • Breastfeeding: Baby’s Choice
  • Skin-to-Skin in the First Hour After Birth: Practical Advice for Staff after
    Vaginal and Cesarean Birth
  • How to Milk by Hand How to Feed from a Cup