GOLD Perinatal Online Conference 2016

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Join over 500 Nurses, Midwives, Doulas, Lactation Consultants and healthcare professionals working in the area of pregnancy and birth at the 4th annual GOLD Perinatal Online Conference! Focusing on health care from the 3rd trimester of pregnancy through childbirth and into the neonatal period, GOLD Perinatal will feature presentations covering pregnancy, labour & birth, well infant, premature/ill infant, and early postpartum. Watch presentations live, or access recordings of the talks at your own pace!

Our conference encompasses a variety of current topics with some of the most forward-thinking individuals in the field. You’ll gain directly-applicable knowledge and skills you can incorporate into improved patient care. The GOLD community supports a fun and connected learning environment with forums, live chats during presentations, and a busy Facebook discussion group. At GOLD, we aim to make learning easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

This year’s conference covers a wide range of topics including neonatal abstinence syndrome, perinatal support for women of size, gestational diabetes, intrauterine infections, late preterm infants, fear of childbirth, direct-breastfeeding in the NICU, and much more.

Speakers Include:
Rebecca Dekker
Dr. Theresa Nesbitt
Robbie Davis-Floyd
Robin Grille
Christina Smilie
Dixie Whetshell
Debbie Fraser
Laurel Wilson
Jacek Debiec
Carrie Sue Halsey
Carrie-Ellen Briere
Janice Banther
Jen McLellan
Jocelyn Toohill
Karen D’Apolito
Kathleen Baird
Miranda Buck
Nancy Ireland
Nichole Fairbrother

PLUS, we’re offering to fantastic add-on lecture packs - Infant Mental Health & Infant Sleep! Each offers 5 additional hours of education.

Learn more about this year’s topics & speakers here:

Registration Pricing - Discounts available for certain countries, speakers & groups of 5 or more.

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CME, CNE, ACNM, Midwifery CEU
$ 205

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