2013 National WIC Technology and Program Integrity Conference

Type: Conferences | Location: Dallas, Texas - USA [South-West]

The NWA 2013 Technology and Program Integrity Conference “Empowering Minds for a Better Future”, is an opportunity for you to network, share and learn about technological and program integrity directions for WIC’s future. NWA is collaborating with FNS to incorporate the EBT Users Group meeting and program integrity into the former NWA Technology Conference. This Conference will provide options for improving WIC’s service delivery at both the clinic and state levels, enhancing Management Information Systems (MIS) and addressing quality data collection, and information security. It is about assuring WIC agencies are knowledgeable of the latest in MIS and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) technologies and in the process for moving towards EBT by 2020! Program integrity at all levels will be addressed.

We are expecting over 450 attendees this year, the largest this conference has ever had. Among them will be key decision makers representing the US Department of Agriculture, the 90 state and ITO WIC agencies, the over 2,100 local WIC agencies, and 10,000 WIC clinics from across the nation.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to:

Learn how to advance WIC to EBT by 2020;
Learn the latest information and technological advances to improve the daily service delivery to our clients;
Gain knowledge to successfully implement technologies that best suit each WIC agency;
Collaborate with WIC colleagues, IT and other vendors from around the country;
Gain the knowledge and skills to assure your State or Local Agency is on track for WIC’s Hi-tech future;
Learn technology’s role in serving the WIC community in these challenging times;
Learn to use technology to ensure program integrity;
Learn the knowledge and skills to ensure integrity in your clinic operations;
Gain knowledge to successfully implement strategies to improve the detection of vendor noncompliance with the WIC Program in the paper systems and with EBT;
Learn how other WIC colleagues implement vendor cost containment;
Gain knowledge to ensure your State or Local Agency has the skills to detect WIC Program fraud; and
See what’s new with federal requirements, now and in the future.

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