Tri-County Breastfeeding Connections 16th Annual Conference

10/20/2017 - 7:17am

16th Annual Breastfeeding Conference with Laurel Wilson, BS, IBCLC, CLE, CLD, CCCE
This conference is designed to provide specialized information to assist caregivers who work with breastfeeding families.
Placenta and Breastmilk
Science of the Mother and Baby Bond
Can a Baby Be Allergic to Breastmilk?
Up in Smoke: Marijuana and Breastfeeding
1. Identify the placenta and how it effects Breastfeeding: Unraveling the mysterious world of the intelligent organs that protect our babies. 2. Describe the science of the mother baby bond: How the prenatal environment and breastfeeding impacts epigenetics, brain development and stress. 3. Explain whether a baby can be allergic to breastmilk : Sensitivities, allergies, Galactosemia, and Lactose Intolerance. 4. Evaluate if marijuana use and breastfeeding is toxic, neutral or still unknown.
Continuing Education:
Applications have been made for contact hours for Nurses and APN through an approved credentialing agency and L CERPS through the IBLCE. For information about the approval status for nursing contact hours, call Aimee Bintrim at 330-729-7644. These credits are valid if attendee attends at least 80% of the conference and turns in an evaluation form. Continuing Education application for dietitians has been submitted for approval. Approval of this continuing education activity does not imply endorsement by provider, ANCC, OBN, ONA, or OLN of any commercial products displayed in conjunction with this activity

Contact Info
Holly Mischey
1 330-719-7456
$ 115

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