Breastfeeding Outlook - Picture Perfect IBLCE Exam Review

StateNew Jersey

Course Description
This one-day seminar helps you to continue to prepare for the IBLCE exam and sharpen your clinical expertise. Marie Biancuzzo will help you to interpret over 200 pictures of breastfeeding dyads, charts, graphs, and other images.

Who should attend
Anyone who is preparing to take the IBLCE exam, or those in need of continuing education credits.

Why you should attend
Currently, 60% of the exam questions--100 out of 175--require recognition of clinical photos. In this interactive environment, you'll learn to decode pertinent visual information and accurately recognize conditions that may appear on the exam.

Contact Info
1 703-787-9894
Other credits: 
This course has also been approved for continuing education credits: 5.2 L-CERPs for lactation consultants, 5.2 contact hours for nurses, 5.5 CPEs at Level II for dietitians (CDR).

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