Certification Cram Review Course (CCRC)


Whether looking to update your knowledge, obtain CERPs or review for the IBLCE exam, this single authoritative course is for you. Covering the entire IBLCE exam grid, this course will bring you up-to-date on the newest information and research in lactation.

This intensive, fast-paced, evidence-based Cram Course is designed as a review course for practitioners preparing to take the IBLCE exam for initial or recertification. If you have not already had a basic lactation management course, consider enrolling in LEC's Certified Lactation Specialist Course.

LEC's remarkable faculty of leading and experienced clinicians will help you explore current, internationally accepted lactation management practices and thoroughly review the basic science essentials that form the foundation of lactation consultant practice. Throughout the course, you will have an opportunity to review hundreds of clinical slides. A structured study plan and resources are included as part of the practice exam at the end. The take-home syllabus, with its extensive bibliography is a solid resource you can use for continuing study.

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