Helping Parents Understand their Newborn

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Mothers who misunderstand their baby's behavior are more likely to add formula, begin solids prematurely, or abandon breastfeeding all together. Mothers struggling with excessive crying, state regulation issues or misunderstood sleep cycles have increased postpartum depression and delayed parent-child bonding.

This course gives you family-friendly language and innovative resources to help your parents understand and prevent common, but critically important, parenting problems. Discover a newborn's "Resting, Ready and Rebooting Zones". Learn how babies "Send out an SOS - Sign of Over-Stimulation" with changes in their body and behavior. Observe effective calming techniques and how to distinguish active from still/deep sleep. Witness the power of helping parents understand their baby's readiness to interact and tips for meeting their breastfeeding goals. (Available in ENGLISH and SPANISH)

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