GOLD Learning Online Symposium: Childbirth Education


GOLD is growing again! We’re excited to introduce the newest addition to the GOLD family: The GOLD Learning Online Symposium Series. Starting this fall, GOLD Learning is introducing a new series of live, one day events. The GOLD Learning Online Symposiums will focus on a particular topic or area of practice within the field of maternal child health. As with all of our educational offerings, the presentations will be accredited, and the symposiums are designed to provide evidence based education about current research, initiatives and clinical practices. A great opportunity to get needed continuing education credits or just to get your GOLD fix between conferences!

The series will start in September with our first Symposium on Childbirth Education. Health Care Providers who provide childbirth education play an important role in both the physiological and psychological health of families. They provide the information that families need to make informed decisions about their choices during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Join us on September 12, 2016 for the GOLD Learning Online Symposium: Childbirth Education. This one day, live event will highlight some of the latest research and trends in childbirth education. Penny Simkin will be kicking things off as our keynote speaker, and we look forward to a fascinating day of updating clinical knowledge and skills with a particular focus on how to present information to the families we work with. This symposium is perfect for anyone who provides prenatal education to families.
Speakers & Topics Include:

Geraldine Cahill, IBCLC, BA, Dip.
Training Breastfeeding - what we need to know as Birth Workers

Jennifer Kamel, VBAC Strategist & VBAC Facts Founder
The Ethics & Realities of Forced Cesarean Surgery

Birdie Meyer, RN, MA
Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: An Overview for Childbirth Caregivers and Educators

Kristin Kali, LM, CPM
Holding Space for LGBTQ Families in the Childbirth Ed Classroom

Penny Simkin, PT, BA
The Tipping Point in Childbirth Education: The Consequences of Ignorance

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