Toward the 10 Steps: Best Practices to Support Breastfeeding in the Perinatal Period

Type: Conferences | Location: Gainesville, Florida - USA [South-East]

Learn and share best practices for breastfeeding and human lactation with local experts. This is Santa Fe Lactation Education's first-annual breastfeeding conference. Content is being reviewed for nursing continuing education and CERPs. Registration includes coffee in the morning and lunch. Register for one or both days. Space is limited so plan to register early!

Day 1

- A Model of Quality Improvement Processes: Journey to Baby Friendly from the Bedside

- Skin to Skin: The Science, The Concerns

- Latchapalooza

- Interpersonal Navigation – Strategies for Consistent Breastfeeding Education

- Competing Perspectives on Exclusive Breastfeeding

- Breastfeeding Beyond the Hospital: Developing a Safety Net for Long Term Success

Day 2

- Strategies to Improve Lactation Success in Mothers of Extremely Preterm Infants

- Is this milk safe? A Discussion of Donor Milk Handling and Storage

- Personalization of the Microbiota with Donor Human Milk with Mother's Own Milk

- Mindful Fortification of Breastmilk

- Assessing and Managing Low Milk Supply

- Medications and Lactation: Using the Evidence to Provide Support

CEU and CERP approval pending (applications processing for 6 CEU/CERPs per day and 12 total CEU/CERPs for full conference)

For more details and registration info, please visit:

Contact Info
Mary Ryngaert, MSN, ARNP, IBCLC
1 352-219-2235
Other credits: 
12 CEU/CERPS applied & pending approval
$ 130
Institutional Affiliation: 
Santa Fe Lactation Education of North Central Florida Inc.

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