Evergreen Perinatal Education: Feeding the Very Preterm Infant: The Baby Born at 24 to 34 Weeks


At the beginning of pregnancy, no family ever expects, or prepares for the birth of a very premature, critically ill infant. This is a crisis for every family that experiences it, and they need emotional support, educational information and complex technology to get through this difficult time. Numerous studies have shown with overwhelming evidence, how critical mother’s own milk is for her very fragile newborn and how mother’s milk can make a difference in neonatal outcomes both long term and short term. Mothers and families need to have this information so they can make informed decisions about their choices for feeding their premature infant. This module explores the very complicated process of caring for premature babies and the subsequent challenges of providing human milk for these little ones.

Online study module
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Molly Pessl, BSN, IBCLC
$ 60

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