Evergreen Perinatal Education: The Art of Helping Women with First Feedings


Thousands of years ago, it would never have occurred to a woman that she had to be “taught” how to feed her baby. Even 150-200 years ago, there wasn’t much conscious thought about the “technique” of feeding. Women didn’t need to have any formal lessons about how to breastfeed their little ones because the lessons had been taught day to day - woman to woman, women to young children. Education happened by experience, observation, through cultures that were more synchronous with the biology of breastfeeding and lactation. In current times, most of us are breastfeeding or working with women who live in a time where the biology and infant feeding have grown distant, and breastfeeding, birth and parenting are highly influenced by the cultural beliefs of the time, rather than the instinctive biological norms of many years ago. Consequently, women and their families often need information and help to feel confident about breastfeeding

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Molly Pessl, BSN, IBCLC
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