Fairview Heights

Not Your Mama's Breastfeeding: Modern Challenges



Topics include: Strategies to Support Breastfeeding in Non-Traditional Occupations; Hazmat and Breastfeeding: What you need to know; Breastfeeding and Body Modifications: Where body art and breastfeeding collide; Bonding and Breastfeeding: Strategies for staying close when separated; Breast Pumps and Pumping: The good, the bad, the ugly.

Breakfast and lunch are included.

Conference is held in the conference center of a hotel, with discounted hotel room rates for travelers if reservation is made by March 5, 2018. Regular room rates after that date.

Continuing education credits for IBCLCs, RNs and RDs have been applied for.

Contact Info
Dee Kassing
1 618-346-1919
Other credits: 
IBCLC CERPs, RN CEUs and RD CPEUs have been applied for.
$ 90
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