Breastfeeding Outlook Presents: 15 CERP Bundle


Make your life easy! With just a few clicks, you can begin earning credits by completing these online programs at your own pace. In a hurry? Print your own certificate when you finish!

If you are recertifying by CERPs this year or any time in the next 5 years, this bundle is a good start or a great way to finish up. It even includes the required 5 E-CERPS!

Buy now and get CERPs for IBLCE recertification for less than $13 per CERP.

Note: CERP Bundles are not designed to be combined. Some programs are in more than one bundle. If you need just a few CERPs or need help getting the number you need, please call or email us.


Engorgement (1.7 L-CERPs, 1.7 Contact Hours)
Ethics: Code of Professional Conduct (3.5 E-CERPs)
Ethics: IBLCE Scope of Practice (3.8 E-CERPs)
Sore Nipples (6.2 L-CERPs)
WHO Growth Charts (2.7 L-CERPs, 2.7 Contact Hours)

Online study module
Contact Info
$ 249

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