Breastfeeding Materials Barbara Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover - Clinical Use of Nipple Shields


Clinical Use of Nipple Shields

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Learn about the different designs of nipple shields, identify the most common reasons for using shields, and review their risks and benefits based on currently published research. Videos and photos demonstrate how to apply, clean, and wean from nipple

The module also includes a printable PDF file of Chapter 7, Flat and Inverted Nipples, from The Breastfeeding Atlas, by Barbara
Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover. The reading assignment enhances understanding of various anatomical and physiological issues that may complicate early breastfeeding.

Who should take this module? Lactation Consultants, Nurses, Midwives, and all medical care providers involved in assisting breastfeeding women. Individuals preparing for the IBLCE certification examination.

1 L-CERP has been awarded by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners

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