Baby Friendly Training with


Baby-Friendly Consulting Services from Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC

Former President of Baby-Friendly USA Board of Directors
Former Assessor for Baby-Friendly USA
Internationally-recognized breastfeeding expert
Highly-acclaimed continuing education specialist
Results-oriented master of system-level change
Delivers online or in-person education

Marie can help!

Phone or in-person consulting
Mock assessments
Staff training

Staff Training - 15 Sessions

A la carte Online Training - Start Now!
Independent Online Training
Covers all required 15 topics
Available 24/7/365
Some personalization available
In-person Group Training
Personalized for your hospital
Discounted prices for groups
Free previews of training materials are available to decision-makers

Online study module
Contact Info
1 703-787-9894

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