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Our online training program will address three key issues:

Accessibility to all staff members at convenient times (24/7/365)
Behavior changing training
Cost effectiveness

Typical training programs where students attend on-site training classes require enormous amounts of staff time and can become costly. Programs need to be set up, classes need to be repeated so all staff members can attend and attendance needs to be monitored. This all adds to training costs. A webinar is a great solution allowing fixed costs so there are no surprises when all staff have not yet been completely trained and you have come to the end of your budget.

Our webinar format consists of 5 Chapters with multiple lessons per chapter personalized to your hospital. Each lesson is recorded in webcast format so the learner sees the power point slides and hears the speaker’s voice. Each lesson is 20-45 minutes in length so students can access the materials when they have a short window of time, or can do several lessons when they have a longer period of time to devote to it. Each webcast is sprinkled with realistic hospital scenarios, links out to relevant web pages and contains quick quizzes and 'fast facts'. Add new staff on your schedule as the webcasts can be started at any time and are available 24/7/365. Our students are involved and engaged in their learning.

15 L-CERPs and 15 Nursing Contact Hours

Group Training for Hospitals
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Online study module
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20 L-CERPS and 20 Nursing Contact Hours and 20 CPEs for dietitians

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